Telecom Systems

Marshal’s Telecom Systems are known for their comprehensiveness and reliability. Our utmost priority to ensure our clients a smooth run of operations which witness our as a dependable partner in the Oil & Gas industry.

At Marshal Systems, our vast knowledge and experience in both products and engineering provide us with the tools and expertise to integrate Telecommunication, Safety, Automation and Instrumentation Systems. Our Customers’ team is able to provide solutions that are customized to the most valued proposition to meet our clients’ needs.

Public Address & Evacuation /General Alarm System

Marshal Systems has more than two (2) decades of project experience with globally-renowned brands delivering integrated PAGA systems certified by most classification societies for the harsh and potentially hazardous working environment. Our system meets the stringent design expectation and satisfaction from customers.

Public address & Evacuation/ General alarm system architecture has microprocessor based control system, with intelligent way to address all communication, supervision, and alarm notifications with suitable filed equipment, multiple independent communication systems can be interfaced and monitored from a central location.

Page / Party System

Marshal Systems integrates the page / party communication system with other’s Telephone system and PAGA systems for the onshore and offshore industries. We delivered it with system design certified by international class body regulation and local approval.

This system provides clear broadcast paging, multiple party lines for simultaneous two-way conversations. The system can be either central or distributed amplifier systems, configured with various handset station and headset units suitable for safe & hazardous areas applications. The Page / Party Communication system can be integrated with an external audio alarm capability.

PABX System

Marshal Systems supplies a wide range of PABX systems for end-to-end telecommunication solutions by merging the traditional communication with a state-of-the-art technology. We provide solutions to increase efficiency, create a strong platform for your internal and external communication.

The Telephone system links the different elements of your working environment together with the help of analogue PABX, IP PABX and Hybrid PABX, IP telephony, IP DECT systems meets the different environments such as indoor, outdoor, safe area, and hazardous areas with suitable field equipment.

Hotline Telephone System

Marshal Systems provides a Hotline telephone system where a critical communication is necessary, the hardware and software of the system incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

Hotline telephone system extends the Private Line Automatic Ring down (PLAR) feature, will Interact with all the peripheral devices and cards is controlled by a central processing unit. The operating system of the Hotline Telephone system is programmed using the object-orientated software, Hotline uses route class signalling to allow hotline phones to receive calls only from other hotline phones.

Voice Recording / Logging System

Marshal Systems offers enterprise voice logging system solutions which address the needs of the user with intent-based solutions. We provide best-in-class voice logging systems and tailored business solutions to address unique needs.

The Voice Logging System instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice and data recording facilities in cohesion with audio channels, analogue, digital and VoIP telephone lines for assigned critical extensions to monitor unauthorised usage, improves productivity at work place, and as well as a wide range of logging facilities for call data records (CDR).

Structured Cabling System

Marshal Systems offers an optimized cabling infrastructure design based on customers’ network requirements and compliance with international standards such as IEEE / IEC / ISO / CENELEC / ANSI / TIA / EIA.

Our structured cabling system consists of vertical backbone and horizontal distribution for data and voice communication. It is important that the design can be expandable in the future without affecting the current architecture in place. We are able to supply CAT 5E / CAT 6 / CAT 6A / CAT 7 copper cabling and Single-mode / Multi-mode Fibre Optics cabling.

Telecommunication Network Monitoring System

Marshal Systems provides Telecommunication Network Monitoring System (TNMS) to customers for monitoring of operations, administration and maintenance of their complex hybrid network systems.

TNMS is an integrated fault, performance, configuration and security monitoring of the entire network. This system is scalable in terms of numbers of devices, users functionality and connectivity to existing network management solutions and other control systems. Using a standard web browser, it can be configure as a real time dashboard too.

Wide Area Network System

Marshal Systems offers Wide Area Network (WAN) using various communication technologies including microwaves, WiMAX, SDH and fibre optics. Subjective to the technical design requirement, bandwidth requirement and local regulations, our system meets customers’ demand and expectation.

Wide Area Network is a telecommunication network, which carry voice, data, and video traffics for communication among various geographical locations. WAN typically uses facilities provided by network service providers to connect the company LAN to remote users and external services in order to have internet and PSTN access.

Local Area Network System

Marshal Systems configure / utilise computers & peripherals including switches, routers, wife routers, printers and servers.   LAN system can communicate among systems such as TCP / IP network, IP CCTV, IP PABX … etc.

LAN system is often used as the network connection for various communication systems that utilize IP protocols like IP-PABX, IP-CCTV, IP-PAGA, etc. The network interconnect computers and network peripherals within a facility / plant using copper cable, fibre optics cable and wireless links. It allows multiple users to send files and messages and also to access resources in the shared servers.

LAN Server System

Marshal Systems pioneered the system integration deployment for a centralized monitoring & storage system for critical systems such as drilling control system, VMS, PMS, F&G , ESD, and CCTV, … etc.

LAN Server system is a design to store and backup critical process parameters, alarms, CCTV images, real time data and historian data. By integrating several software applications, we tailored the specific functionality of the system to meet project requirement. All data from each system will be converted to IP protocol for transmission through LAN network, as a backup to a remote facility.

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) System

Marshal Systems provides VSAT as primary communication link between Offshore and onshore facilities for data, voice communication, video transmission and internet access. It is an excellent way to communicate with remote geographical locations such as mining camps, vessels and platforms at sea.

VSAT Satellite Communication system operates in C-, Ku-, and Ka- frequency bands subjective to global satellite footprints availability at the remote site. VSAT availability also depends on the selection of antenna dish size, BUC power, modem, etc. VSAT interfaces with gyro compass for heading information, LAN system for internet access and PABX for trunk / PSTN line connectivity.

Satellite TV Entertainment System

Marshal Systems supplies Satellite TVRO / Entertainment systems for offshore and onshore facilities to provide entertainment channels from both fixed and gyro-stabilized antennas. We provide Analogue / Digital (IPTV) head-end equipment and integrate it with the local entertainment network suitable to geographical locations and to meet clients’ requirement internationally. We interface the system with CCTV and Public Address system.

Our TVRO distribution system is transmitted via coaxial cables and Ethernet Cables according to the Analogue and Digital channels requirement respectively. This system is able to serve Free-to-air channels, pay channels and Video-on-demand (VOD)

CCTV System

Marshal Systems has experience on customise solutions to meet various CCTV functional design requirements to achieve close observation of plant facilities and activities, which enhance the safety of personnel and protecting the assets. The system can be configured with analogue or IP protocol to suit integrated control philosophy for safe zone and hazardous areas.

The CCTV system can be interfaced with other systems such as Fire Detection System, Intrusion Detection System and Access Control System.

Security System

Marshal Systems has several experience in supplying security equipment either as part of another system or as a stand-alone system. Security is an essential requirement for every owner to secure their assets from any cyber or physical threats. This is to prevent any form of threat to penetrate the system or facilities. Our engineers are able to configure the security levels as per clients’ requirement.

We have various type of security systems depends on application and requirement, it can be a firewall, an access control system and gate control system, etc. Several software application and physical hardware may be added for extra security.

Surveillance System

Marshal Systems provides Surveillance system to monitor the activities of the people for the purpose of managing and protecting the asset from any possible interception and threats. Marshal Systems has a proven track record of integrate standalone surveillance system to a networked system.

Our Surveillance system consists of CCTV, GPS, Voice logger, Access Control System … etc., the system can provide alertness & alarms, event log stored in the historian server for the investigation purposes.

Access Control System

Marshal Systems delivers different level of access control solutions to protect, monitor and manage the access of authorised personnel and deny others in to protected premises in the plant, oil rig and offshore platform facilities.

Latest technology of RFID, biometric sensors / scanners, electromagnetic door locks, barrier gates and PIN access which will be integrated with sophisticated IP based access control management software. Our programmers will customise the screen page of the Human-interface- device (HID) to suit and meet clients’ operations requirement.

Perimeter / Fence Intrusion Detection System

Marshal Systems supplies Perimeter / Fence Intrusion Detection System (PIDS/FIDS) to protect customer’s plant facility to monitor any form of intrusion from the perimeter into the protected facility.

Several types of systems can be deployed to meet different terrain conditions and requirement. These systems are Infra-Red Barriers System, Fibre Optics Detection System, Acoustic Based Surveillance System, Shock Detection System, Thermal Detection System and Micro-Wave / Radar Detection System.

The PIDS/FIDS will able to interface with CCTV, Access Control System and General Alarm system to alert the Security officers for monitoring the intrusion.

Intercom / Talkback System

Intercom System

Marshal Systems ensures Intercom system configured with reliable clear voice communication as well as equipped with audio and visual indicators such as external paging / announcement speakers and flashing light in noisy working environment.

The Intercom system provides two-way simplex and executive communication via station units with headset / hand free features and also designed for group calls capabilities in the offshore and onshore industries. The system has modular network and redundancy node. Various node networks can be linked via VoIP , IP and SIP technologies.

Talkback System

Marshal Systems provides international brand talkback system for its end-user to broadcast in the specific area of the facilities in the offshore and onshore industry, according to the system design requirement set. Besides using this system as a stand-alone system, we can also provide integration capability to other systems.

The system comprises a central unit and a comprehensive range of substations and other field equipment for use indoors, outdoors, and in noisy, especially to the convenience of the operation. The system is common used to coordinate activities in a work group. This system can also interface with other public address system for emergency announcement.

Sound Powered System

Marshal Systems undertakes the system design topology to meet the client requirement and respective class body regulatory approval. The system meets the emergency communication between critical and vital location of the vessels and plants, during the shut-down period. Marshal Systems carefully designs the system topology to meet respective classification society’s regulations and system approval.

This system is powered by its independent self-generated power supply, the system can be offered its communication in 12 & 20 channels subjective to its brand & models available. The system is equipped with handset units and headset up to 20mtrs long cabling apart.

UHF Radio Communication System

Marshal Systems supplies UHF Radio system, both Conventional and Digital Trunked radios for crew’s internal communication within the offshore and onshore facilities. Our radio can be interfaced to LAN, PABX, and PAGA system. Our systems are designed for Digital or Analogue configuration which is using different modulation techniques.

The repeater system is preferred for dedicated frequencies where it requires among different groups /users, the system is expandable by increase of radio repeaters. Trunked system on the other hand, uses time slot for channel allocation which is important for mission – critical requirement.

Microwave Radio / Wi-Max System

Marshal Systems supplies microwave radio and wi-max system for long distance wireless communication to transmit data from point to point or point to multi-points as a wireless backhaul. We can assist the customer to acquire the operating frequency license according to local telecommunication authority on behalf of the end user.

The Microwave Radio / Wi-Max System commonly used for communication between fixed platform to onshore or within the on-shore plants for remote location data collection such as SCADA RTU, IP Telephony, CCTV Video transmitting… etc. Marshal shall advise the customers the suitable system based on the requirement.

GMDSS System

Marshal Systems supplies and commissions Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) on board different type of vessel globally. It is a mandatory requirement by IMO – SOLAS, other Maritime Regulatory bodies and flag state requirement.

GMDSS uses improved terrestrial and satellite technologies to ensure rapid and on-time alerting of shore-based rescue authorities and nearby vessels in the event of emergency. The equipment requirement depends on type of vessel and sea area operation. The Digital Selective Calling (DSC) channel is used for distress alert between vessels.

Aeronautical Radio Communication System

Marshal Systems provides Aeronautical Radio Communication System for ground-to-air communication between aircraft pilot and the radio operator to ensure safety landing condition in on-shore and offshore facilities. Our supplied system complies with ICAO regulations.

The Aeronautical Radio Communication system comprises of Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) and VHF-AM. The NDB is a low frequency radio transmitter which is used to transmit the identity of the location by sending audible Morse code call sign. The VHF-AM is used as a voice communication to provide all necessary weather parameters.

Navigation System

Marshal Systems provides Integrated Navigation System based on the latest IMO regulations for every vessel engaged in international voyage ensuring safe voyage of the vessel, to avoid collision and aid during emergency situations.

The Navigation system consists of Radar plant, Global Positioning System, Automatic Identification System, Weather Fax, Electronic Chart Display & Information System, Conning Display, Echo sounder, Speed Log, Gyro Compass, Magnetic Compass, Autopilot, Clinometers, Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System, Voyage Data Recorder and Sound Reception System.

We deliver the complete Integrated Navigation System together with customised bridge console comply most marine class regulation, and also to suit the bridge layout.

Obstruction Light & Air-horn Systems

Marshal Systems delivers Obstruction Light & Air-horn systems as a mandatory requirement, which is part of Navigation system, for vessels under international voyage complying with latest IMO COLREGS regulation. The navigational aid equipment help avoid collision, by using day shapes and high visibility lanterns, and various marine horns to provide audio / visual alert to the nearby vessels. These systems will be installed at offshore platform, marine and offshore vessels.

Marshal Systems supply range of includes Marine lanterns, Air horn, Fog horn, Air Whistle, Navigation lights, Day Signalling Lamp, Radar Beacon and Shapes for use at safe and hazardous area.

Helideck Lighting and Control System

Marshal Systems provides Helideck Lighting and Control System as a part of Visual Landing Aids System, which is compliant to the rule and regulation specified under ICAO, CAA (CAP 437) and IMO, to provide clear visual indication of the helipad for safe landing of the helicopter.

It includes a full range of signalling and illumination lights, HMI/control stations with monitoring panels for both safe and hazardous areas. The lighting system consists of the helideck perimeter lights; flood light, status light system, helideck circle and “H” lighting.

Weather / Helideck Monitoring System

Marshal Systems supplies helideck monitoring system for real time meteorological and environmental data gathering for the operational crew to facilitate safe helicopter landing and take-off operations. We build the system according to the local regulation, international standard CAP437 and CAA regulation.

Our system monitor atmospheric temperature & humidity, barometric pressure , wind direction / speed, cloud height, visibility, present weather, wave height, sea current , heave , pitch and roll. The HMI screen display will be customised according customers’ requirement.

Our system can be interfaced with Dynamic Positioning System (DPS), Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Loading Computer.

Siren System

Marshal Systems provides comprehensive and customizable industrial warning siren systems, which produces high intensity warning signals, for outdoor emergency and mass notification to warn all personnel onshore or offshore facilities , in case of emergency situations such as severe weather conditions, hazardous chemical spill, toxic gas releases…etc.

We supply various types of siren technologies, such as uni-directional electromechanical, omni-directional, directional speaker array and modulator speaker, to meet customers’ design specification and local regulation. The siren control system has fault diagnosis and silent test facility and it is able to broadcast pre-recorded or live voice messages in addition to pre-set notification tones which can be wired or wireless initiated. The sirens can be installed in the hazardous areas with explosion-proof certifications.

Clock Network System ( Master Clock System)

Marshal Systems provides Master Clock system for time synchronisation to coordinated universal time (UTC) and local time using Global Positioning System (GPS) for onshore and offshore facilities. Time synchronisation is crucial for alarms and events log for the operators tracking the root cause of the incident.

This system is using two types of protocols. The Standardised coded time distribution system to synchronise all slave clocks. And the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is for computer systems. We can customise & expand this clock system across different facilities / plants via fibre optic backbone over a farther distance.