Control & Instrumentation Systems

A top-rate and reliable creation and integration of Control and Instrumentation Systems is imperative for every vessel and rig to function as designed. The control room, which works as the nerve centre of operations is where a myriad of functions and systems on board are closely monitored to ensure safety and efficiency. Marshal Systems understands this key element in its clients’ safety and performance and its job is to make sure that the control room’s systems network in place works smoothly and dependably. While some functions can be automated, the best systems are the types that utilize both humans and machines. Something that we are able to deliver and maintain with excellence.

To ensure that these nerve centres function optimally, the controls must be sensitive and reliable; and the instrumentation has to be of the highest clarity and accuracy. At Marshal Systems, we provide control and instrumentation solutions that translate to real and trustworthy value.

Marshal Systems offers a complete range of Controls and instrumentation Systems that include:

  1. Tank Gauging Systems
  2. Liquid Level Measuring Systems
  3. Emergency Shut Down Systems
  4. Control and Alarm Monitoring Systems
  5. Control Cabinets & Consoles
  6. Electrical / Instrumentation Test Panel
  7. Drag Chains for Electrical Cables and Pressure Hoses
  8. Sensors & Load Cells
  9. Industrial Automation Software Programming
  10. Cable Management & Accessories
  11. Weather Monitoring Systems

This list is not exhaustive as Marshal Systems is continually expanding its portfolio of products and services.

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

Marshal Systems’ Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) is designed in accordance to marine / offshore standard codes and certified by international class regulatory bodies, to monitor various system alarms and alerts critical conditions of the processes throughout the facilities. We design the VMS as a distributed I/O system which is scalable to meet end-users / operational crew’s demand at any time.

The design philosophy is to achieve high reliability, safety and cost efficiency. Redundant CPU and Servers allow critical applications to continue operating even if there is a single component failure, hence it prevent the risk of downtime. Remote I/O cabinets are connected to the main cabinet via redundant communication (Profibus / Profinet / MODBUS / Controlnet).

Advance Fault Monitoring System

Marshal Systems has developed AFMS whose core concept is to monitor and pre-alert the operator about the connected system’s abnormality via alarms to prevent the system failure.

The occurred alarms will be logged in a built-in data logger as a history log; it will support maintenance crews for fault analysis and troubleshooting to minimize down time for a smooth operation.

Alarm Monitoring System

Marshal Systems supplies Alarm Monitoring systems to notify the operators on alarm and status information of the machinery, in order to maintain safe and efficient operation of the onshore and offshore facilities. We customise the systems according to operation needs and ensure that the system is user–friendly too.

Our user-friendly HMI provides the alarms and other information as text or graphical representation on local and remote operator’s station. Alarms from various systems are received by the Redundant CPU PLC, which will process the alarms and log the events. These alarm events can be printed out by alarm printer.

Tank Gauging System

Marshal systems delivers Tank Gauging system to end-users for their monitoring of various types of tank , in term of tank volume / mass / level, such as ballast, water, draft, bilge, fuel oil, cement and solid matters … in the offshore and onshore facilities. We use different technologies with Electro-Pneumatics transmitters, Contact and Contactless sensors, and field instruments like Radar, Ultrasonic, float switches … etc.

Various inputs, such as bubbling point & signal from the field transmitters and sensors, are received by the PLC modules in the control panel. These inputs are processed and converted as HMI graphical display on the touch screen monitor.

Our system configures various alarm levels and it can also interface to others’ monitoring systems via industrial communication protocols such as HART, Modbus RTU, and Ethernet.

HVAC Control System

Marshal Systems supplies Control System for HVAC system to provide integration between HVAC and Fire & Gas detection systems, in order to activate fire dampers and relay control logics of the ventilation field equipment in the onshore and offshore industries. Our system design meets specification and requirement from customers, clients and class regulatory bodies.

The control system utilises PLC modules and reliable control relays, certified to SIL 2 or SIL 3 type approved (IEC 61508), and its touch screen HMI provide optimal control system overview. Its design philosophy compatible to IEC 61511, and the completed system will be certified by TUV Singapore.

Remote Valve Control System

Marshal systems provides Remote Valve control system (RVCS) for a comprehensive control and motoring all types of remote operated valves, such as Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric motorised types, on offshore and marine vessels. Our system compliance to major marine class regulation bodies such as ABS, DNV-GL, BV, Lloyds Register … etc.

The Valves Remote Control is reliable for the management of ballast valves to fill and dump ballast tanks. The system consists of a PLC control cabinet, remote I/O cabinet and a Centralised Solenoid Valve Cabinet. The HMI screen will be customised to meet operators requirement.

Watertight Door / Hatch Monitoring System

Marshal Systems provides Water-tight door and hatch monitoring systems to monitor the status of the water-tight doors and hatch accesses, as a parts of vessel watertight integrity in the marine vessels and floating offshore installations. Our system will be design to compliance to major marine class regulation bodies such as ABS, DNV-GL, BV, Lloyds Register … etc.

The system consists of Sensors like proximity / limit switches, local indication lights, HMI / Mimic display panels and main PLC control cabinet. The system provides open / close status of the watertight doors and Hatch accesses. The system can be interface to other alarm monitoring system or vessel monitoring system via various communication protocol such as Modbus, Profinet, Ethernet.

Bulk Transfer Control Panel for Bulk Mud & Cement Tanks

Marshal Systems provides Bulk Transfer Control system of the Bulk Mud and Cements (such as Barite, Bentonite & Cement) for offshore supply vessel (OSV) and drilling rigs. Our system will be tailor-made to meet operators’ requirement for the safe and hazardous areas.

The system uses PLC and guided microwave level sensor to control the valves and monitor the level of the bulk tanks during bulk transfer process respectively. The bulk transfer process can be displayed in P&ID format using HMI screen or mimic display panel.

Test Panels for Electrical Equipment Testing

Marshal Systems supplies customised Test Panel for electrical equipment testing, for onshore and offshore industry. The panel is installed with type-approved certified test equipment and installed in an orderly manner.

The panel is customised with electrical calibrated testing apparatus according to End-user’s requirement. The panel will be wired according to IEC 61439 codes, using flame retardant cable type and enclosure protection IEC 61892-2.

The typical test panel includes voltage transformer range 0 ~ 300Vac, step-down transformer, electrical power plug & receptacles, circuit breakers, lamp holders, AC & DC Voltmeters / Ampere meters, indicating lamps, selector switches, variable DC Power supply.

Machinery Workshop Equipment

Marshal Systems supplies workshop equipment such as test benches with workshop tools and equipment for onshore and offshore industry. Each of our test benches is specially designed, customised and equipped with calibrated type approved measuring & testing instrument. These instrument are grouped and layout in an efficient order for the users. Our test benches are categorised into electrical, electronics, pneumatics and hydraulic test equipment.

We compiled and provide original manuals from manufacturers. These manuals can be translated into different international language, which includes testing devices technical data, drawings , operations, maintenance, spare parts list and trouble-shooting guidelines.

Hospital Call Alarm System

Marshal Systems supplies Hospital Call Alarm system to alert the attending medic when a patient needs immediate attention and assistance from the duty medic in the offshore facilities and marine vessels.

When a patient requires assistance from the medical personnel, he/she activates the call alarm by either pressing a button on the call pendant located near the patient’s bed or pulling the pull-cord located inside the toilet. The hospital call alarm panel located in the medic’s office, will provide visual and audible indications upon activation. This panel will indicate the exact location of the call activation. Another repeater panel which is located in the mess room will provide additional alert to others if there is no response from the duty medic.

Refrigerated Space Alarm

Marshal Systems supplies Refrigerated Space Alarm system for crew to alert others in the event of being locked inside the refrigerated chiller / freezer cold rooms in the onshore and offshore Industry. This system is a customised design to meet the operational needs by the crew and based on the general arrangement of the cold rooms.

When the crew was locked inside the refrigeration space, he can easily alert other crew by pressing the call button inside the room, which will provide visual indication and audible sounder outside the rooms. The panel outside the room will indicate the exact location of the call activation. The system can also provide interface to other monitoring system.

Ventilation Failure Alarm System

Marshal Systems customises Ventilation Failure Alarm system to monitor the air pressure in few locations such as driller’s cabin, MCC room, DOG house, Local Electrical Room, on the drilling rigs and offshore platforms. Our system is designed to meet IMO and SOLAR requirements and it shall be certified by marine class regulatory bodies.

This system continually monitors the differential pressure between the atmospheric pressure and the pressurized cabin using differential pressure switches. If the pressurised cabin has an equal or lower pressure level reference to the atmospheric pressure, an alarm signal will be sent out to Emergency Shut-down system to alert the duty personnel and also it will shut down its power source in that pressurised cabins / rooms.

Engine Alarm Monitoring System

Marshal Systems supplies Engine Alarm Monitoring Panel to monitor the critical alarms of the engines in the offshore and marine industry. Our design can provide numerous alarm indications via PLC and HMI display.

All the engine parameters will be display in the HMI screen during normal working conditions. When these parameters reading s are with higher or lower than the set parameter values in the PLC program, the HMI display will values in flashing mode to highlight the alarm location, and the audible sounder shall be energized to alert engine operators.

Drag Chain System

Marshal Systems supplies stainless steel / duplex drag chain systems as part of the cabling and hoses management on offshore rigs and marine vessels in the offshore, marine and land based facilities. We have been delivering various type of drag chains for cable and hoses for Cantilever deck, Drill floor deck and Top Drives.

Our drag chains are specially customised to meet the cage compartment requirement and bending radius of the drag chains, and the provision of additional separate cage compartment for future expansion. The drag chains are made from SS316, SS316L and duplex stainless steel LDX 2101. With the special design of the drag chain hanger to support its compartmental weight, and its span distance, the drag chain can provide a longer skidding & travel distance than other roller supported drag chain.

OEG Cargo Carrier Units (CCU)

Marshal Systems is the business partner of OEG Cargo Carriers Units for the designated territory. These CCU are design and manufacture in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 certification for offshore containers and can be also specially customised to meet end-users. We also provide rental of CCU products on an ad-hoc, short term, long term and fully managed fleet basis.

We offer a full range of products include offshore containers, baskets, waste skids, workshop containers and bottle necks which comprises with customers decals, customers own paint colour and branded door nets.